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What Is Title Insurance and Why do I Need It?

Why Title Insurance: Protecting your Home Investment A home is usually the largest single investment any of us will ever make. When you purchase a home, you will purchase several types of insurance coverage to protect your home and personal property. Homeowner’s insurance protects against loss from fire, theft, or wind damage. Flood insurance protects against rising water, and a unique… Read more →

Alex on Business Radio X

This week our attorney Alex Brown was featured on Atlanta Business Radio X. Alex had a fantastic time and had the opportunity to talk about the most recent developments in Real Property law, criminal law and general issues in the field. Alex will be featured again on September 30th, 2014 as a co-host- tune in through the online webcast: Business RadioX Live… Read more →

Deed Details: When Holding Title With Others Make Sure Your Deed Contains These 7 Critical Words

  You might think if you’ve seen one deed you’ve seen them all; it’s really just there to transfer property right? While that is true you might not realize that there are multiple ways you can hold title all depending on the wording of the deed. The way in which you hold title, especially when multiple people are on title, can… Read more →

Cell Reception: The New Most Important Factor For Home Buyers (Tool for Reception at Any Address Included)

On June 5th ran a story with a surprising finding, that cell phone reception eclipsed school district quality as one of the most important factors home buyers consider. The article referenced a study by RootMetrics which surveyed 2,000 potential home buyers revealed, “60% rank good school districts as important, compared to 76% who called out mobile service—the same proportion that ranked… Read more →

Intangible Tax and Lender Loyalty: Knowing this Loophole can Save You Hundreds when Refinancing

One of the truths we all learn as adults is that the only certainties in life are death and taxes.  All of us know taxes are paid when we buy or sell property. What most people are not aware of, but are almost universally not surprised by, is when refinancing borrowers are charged taxes again. Specifically, an “intangible tax” of… Read more →